What is a running tour?

A running tour is a bit like a bus tour that explores a new city. Except, we can't afford a bus, nor do we really want one. So we use our legs. And instead of driving past things and seeing things out the window of a bus you can literally walk, or run, up to different places and touch it, take photos in front of it, take selfies, in fact we will take photos for you then send them to you. Now instead of a bus driver reading off a script, we'll tell you what we know based on living in this city rather than reading a wikipedia page. 

What is involved in a running tour?

A good running experience of the city. We have experienced run leaders who are our tour guides and they will tell you stories and point out places and tell you some useful information, and some useless information about the city. We encourage you to tell us to stop and take photos and if there is anything you wish to see in particular we will take you there! Any photo that we take we will send to you so you can show all your friends. 

Most importantly, after the run there is coffee included in the tour at one of the cool city cafes - we usually mix it up with our cafe choices but it will be close to the start/finish area of the tour.  Occasionally we may even go for a beer post-run. 

How fast do we run?

The beauty about a running tour is that you spend most of the time looking around taking in the city and exploring that pace doesn't really matter. We run at a leisurely pace that is comfortable for everyone. To keep everyone together we only have maximum groups of 6.

What do I need to bring?

Please come ready to run in appropriate running gear. If you don't have any running gear we can provide some recommendations.  

Bring a camera or your phone to take photos and selfies and to Strava your run. If you don't Strava it, did it really happen? If you have a dog, bring your dog, but not if its going to stop at every tree! Bring some money if you feel like eating where we stop for coffee - the coffee part is on us. 

In short - camera/phone, appropriate running gear and maybe some coins. 

You can bring a water bottle if needed or we can show you some water taps. 

What is the booking/cancellation policy?

All tour bookings made via do not allow for cancellations as costs have often already been accrued in organising the tour. Please advise us ahead of time if you intend to cancel and we'll do what we can to assist. You may reschedule depending on our availability. Please tell us if you won't show up - we employ a run leader to show you the city and its pretty lonely standing by yourself waiting for no one to turn up!  

Weather - if it is thunderstorming then obviously we will not run. Apparently it isn't much fun getting struck by lightning. Not sure we are keen to put our insurance on the line for that. So we will cancel the tour. We will try reschedule if we can otherwise we will refund the tour. We hate thunderstorms.